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The basicdesign features of each type are summarized in the following paragraph. Heat sensors are designed to detect a rapid rise in temperature. They also have a feature that sets off an Alder Security alarm when a fixed temperature is reached. Smoke detectors do not react to heat but use one of two common sensordesigns to detect smoke. An ionization type of detector forms anelectrical path inside a small chamber with a very small amount of radioactivematerial. When smoke enters the chamber, the particles attach themselves to theions and change the electrical current flow. A photoelectric type ofdetector works by using a photoelectric cell and a light source. The light doesnot usually reach the photoelectric cell, but when smoke is present the light isdispersed and reaches the photoelectric cell, triggering the alarm. The maindifference between the two types is photoelectric types are more sensitive tolarge particles and ionization types are more sensitive to small particles. Modern home design should include at least one of each type. Smoke and heatdetectors should be located in each sleeping area and on each story of the homeand placed on the ceiling or on the wall 6''12'' fromthe ceiling. The best Doorbell Camera in the whole frickin world!

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Unfortunately, the Thunderbolt does not ship with the latest Android version Gingerbread, Alder Security 2.

It includes a wide angle lens and night vision to record clear video, capturing porch pirates in the act.

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Frontpoint’s mission is to deliver an A+ customer experience and a safer, smarter, simpler home security solution.

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